Kelly Kadabra is a stage name 😉 So what else can I tell you about me?

I have been a comedy female magician since 2001 – we are a rarity, even though at last more girls are getting into magic – how many female magicians have you seen?

Kelly Kadabra standingKelly Kadabra was created from my alter ego Jelly Kelly, children’s entertainerAfter performing at children’s parties, I received repeated requests from adults to perform my unique style of comedy magic in an adult environment.  So, I thought why not? I was already a member of the Surrey Society of Magicians, which is a great resource for support and ideas.  I put my magic thinking cap on, created an adult show and brushed up on my close up magic skills.  

That was over 15 years ago now and I have never looked back!  In fact I love performing for an adult environment so much that in 2015 I passed my exam into the Magic Circle and I can proudly announce that I am a member of the most exclusive & difficult to get into Magic Club in the World!

To see how I got started in 2001 as a children’s entertainer click here and read about it on my Jelly Kelly Website.

I am a complete balloon twisting nerd!About 

In particular, I really get a kick out of making a new design from scratch. Sometimes, I can spend many happy hours mindfully twisting away for my own amusement or creating bespoke decorative displays.  Follow my Instagram to see some of the balloon art I have made over the years.  

I have also been a proud member of the  Surrey Society of Magicians since 2003 and I have twice won the Annual Bernard Wellar Award for Best Comedy Magic Act. 

My unique style of comedy and magic is suitable for anyone with a love of fun and a willingness to believe in magic.   I particularly enjoy going into care homes and elderly centres, where I get a real buzz out of giving everyone a jolly good laugh 🙂 

If you haven’t done so already, please have a look at the Magic-4-Seniors page and if you know anyone elderly who could do with some quality entertainment at their place of residence, please pass my details on!  I just love making people happy !

magig box

I am also a member of Equity and hold a public liability insurance for £10,000,000.

In addition to all this, I know a vast network of other magicians with diverse acts and I can help you find the perfect entertainment for your event.   Just get in touch!

Want to know more about me?

… are you still reading?  Are you sure you want to know more about me?  OK, here goes..

I am a mum with two daughter’s, both into adulthood now and coping nicely with life.  I’m also a besotted dog owner of Merlin, my Welsh Border Collie.  He is getting on a little bit now, so isn’t doing agility anymore, but in his youth he was amazing at it!  I also have a cat, called Gatsby (named by my daughter), he is a part Bengal House cat and a complete nutter!  I often get left “presents” of his latest kill.

I liked to think I proved my teachers wrong when they said I wouldn’t amount to anything if I didn’t stop messing about and trying to make everyone else laugh!  I guess I found my vocation in life eh?!

I actually have a BTEC National Diploma in Science, which I obtained at Richmond College. In fact I got a Merit/Distinction grade.

I grew up wanting to be a Marine Biologist..

Before I got into entertainment,  I used to work as an agent for film crew at Shepperton Studios.

I have my own teeth, hair colour and eyebrows.. 

I think you have probably got a good enough idea of what I am about.

From Weddings to birthdays, corporate events to private functions, I always give your guests the Kadabra experience!

Please get in touch to find out more 🙂